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Electro-mechanical sliding gate operator maximum 400 Kg




This complete kit provides a set of essential accessories for the automation of small and medium sliding gates.

It has a compact and elegant design and an incorporated electronic programmer, driving force regulation and electronic motor brake in compliance with safety standards.


• Incorporated programmer

• Manual release with customized key

• Kit package complete with all accessories

Power output .....0.25 KW (0.33 HP)
Supply voltage/Frequency .....230 V - 50 Hz
Absorbed current .....2.5 A
Absorbed power .....530 W
Capacitor.....20 µF / 450 V
Motor rotation speed.....1˙320 rpm
Intermittent service.....S 3
Insulation class.....F
Type of lubrication by Agip ..... MU/EP1 Grease
Travel speed.....10 m/min.
Rated torque.....28.0 Nm
Weight of the operator .....14 Kg
Static weight of the gate.....400 Kg
Gear rating.....1/30
Environment temperature.....–25°C +70°C
Protection standards .....IP 535
Duty cycle:.....30 sec. opening - 30 sec. stop - 30 sec. closing
Time of one complete cycle.....90 s
No. of complete cycles Opening - Stop - Closing.....No. 40/h
Cycles a year, 8 hours’ service a day .....No. 116˙000