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Fixed Progressive Scan IP Camera

JPEG/MPEG4 Selectable




This camera is designed specifically for high-quality and affordable network-based monitoring. This is a high performance camera with value-added features such as built-in motion detection and pre-/post-alarm recording, and also boast a DC Servo Auto Iris Lens that makes them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Additionally, because this camera is similar in size to a CCTV camera, it can be installed using conventional camera housings. The SNCCS10 camera produces high-resolution images and deliver excellent color reproduction capabilities. It can also support both JPEG and MPEG-4 compression formats for great flexibility when configuring a network environment or choosing an application. For further efficiency and effectiveness in operating a monitoring system, this camera offers simultaneous access capability, a multicasting feature, and a choice of network security functions such as IP filtering and password protection.

Minidome Color Camera
with 540 Lines




The SSC-CD45 is a compact and discreet dome camera designed for indoor security and surveillance monitoring applications. Sony's SuperHAD imager and latest DSP technology offers 540 TV lines resolution.




The NSR100 can be used in either a stand-alone system or a client/server configuration, providing flexibility from small to large scale operations. The NSR100 is perfect for a broad range of security applications, in locations such as banks, retail outlets, transportation centers, offices and much more. This network surveillance recorder offers a wide array of features, including a flexible recording and playback capability, an optional intuitive remote control unit, a user-friendly GUI, Intelligent Motion Detection, and Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera control. The NSR100 supports up to 64, offering great flexibility and scalability when these units are configured in a security monitoring system. With a broad spectrum of invaluable features - including intelligent setup features, quick access to recorded images - as well as system scalability, the NSR100 is the ideal network surveillance recorder for IP security monitoring operations




RealShot Manager Version 4 Software for 1 Camera

RSM Version 4 incorporates intelligent video analytics - "Video Motion Filter Alarms" and "Video Motion Filter Searches" - using metadata to provide operational efficiency and a high level of security. "Video Motion Filter Alarms" allow users to define parameters and to fine tune alarm triggers for live monitoring and recording so that crucial events are easily called to the attention of a guard and are recorded. "Video Motion Filter Searches" allow users to define search parameters in situations so events of interest are easily searched for in recorded information. The flexible RealShot® Manager (RSM) software is the perfect software solution for small to enterprise-class IP video monitoring environments using Sony network cameras. Either as a standalone system or in a client / server configuration, this easy to use software is an ideal control center for multi-camera monitoring. RSM is capable of creating an alarm by the following Video Motion Filter (VMF) when combined with the multi-codec platform IP cameras (SNC-RX550, SNC-RZ50, SNC-CS50).

14" Professional Lcd Monitor



Under the quick trend shift from CRT to LCD in the display industry, the customer's requirement for professional LCD video monitors becomes stronger and stronger. LMD-1410SC is the the successor of SSM-14L1.

IP Desktop USB




Joystick controller for intuitive and responsive PTZ control with three-axis joystick and 10 preset pan/tilt/zoom position buttons. Compatible with NSR-1000 series Network Surveillance Server and IMZ-NS series Intelligent Monitoring Software

CF Type 802.11b Wireless Lan C




SNCA-CFW1 is an 802.11b wireless LAN card designed exclusively for use with the SNC-RZ25N, and the SNCA-AN1 is an external pole mount directional antenna for increased range and directivity

External Antenna For SNCA-FW1



The SNCA-AN1 is an external pole mount directional antenna for increased range and directivity.